Waterlase Dentistry Patient Video

Lasers are still relatively new in dentistry, but have a number of benefits for you by providing faster healing times and reducing the risks of infection.

No.65 The Dental Surgery in Wadebridge, Cornwall use the laser to treat Periodontal Disease / Gum Disease by removing debris and bacteria that cause Periodontal Disease / Gum Disease and can even stimulate new tissue growth.

Lasers can also clean around infected dental implants (peri-implantis). This is proving to be one of the only effective dental treatments.

What else can lasers do to help you?

• Cut teeth without a local anesthetic
• Disinfect root canals during root canal treatment
• Help with the relief of Cold Sores and treatment of painful jaw joints
• Carry out less traumatic hard and soft tissue surgery
• Treat infected Gum Disease