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Anyone who has come to my practice, knows that I have always mixed artistry and the latest technology to get the very best results for my patients. I’m really excited to have been able to add this latest computer-controlled laser made by Convergent Dental. It’s called Solea, and it is the first CO2 laser that’s been approved by the FDA for working on hard-tissue, that’s tooth structure, and soft-tissue, like gum.

It’s an amazing technology. It allows us to remove cavities from teeth, virtually painlessly, almost always without anesthesia. Anyone who’s had gum recession around the root of a tooth knows that it can be really very sensitive. And typically to restore those requires profound anesthesia. With the laser, this can be done with no anesthetic. The patient didn’t feel it at all, and it’s a very quick procedure as well, so the patient is in and out of the office in a very short time. Some procedures are so deep that they do require local anesthesia, but the vast majority of our patients will be able to have work done without any numbness, without any sound of the drill which so many people find unpleasant, and with no pain.

Patient Andrew Stack:

“Hi, my name is Andrew Stack. I’ve been seeing Dr. McEvoy for six years. In a relatively short period of time, we did four teeth. It was relatively painless. There was one tooth… the worst tooth felt a little sensation. It certainly wasn’t anything where I felt I needed anesthetic, so it was a pretty remarkable procedure. The results are great. The before and after pictures dramatically improved. I was quite impressed.”

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