Richard Malouf: On Becoming A Dentist

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Richard Malouf tells of his inspiration to become a dentist, how he wanted to help people, his educational path and his driving motivation to learn, improve and become the best dentist he could.

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In the sixth grade I did a science fair project, and it had to do with dentistry. It was really cool. I got to do a little field project. I went to the local dentist. I thought, ‘Wow, this is a really interesting way of life. He’s a doctor. He doesn’t have doctors’ hours. He gets to make really cool things with his hands and be innovative. And he has a lot of respect. And he gets paid pretty decently,’ so I said, ‘All those things really make sense to me. I like that.’

So I did my first science fair project and I made a tri-fold board and cut out a hole and put a light behind it and put an x-ray on the front and got all these different kinds of teeth and my project was actually on the development of teeth—how they go from, you know, a child to the adult version of teeth. I’ll tell you what, from that course, from that project, it was a straight arrow. I had a laser focus on, ‘I’m going to be a dentist.’

I got accepted to three different, there’s only three dental schools in the state of Texas and I got accepted to those three dental schools after my second year in college. So I was a very young dental student. After traveling around to different dental schools, I settled on the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. I had a fantastic education there, I think the program there is excellent.

When I was in dental school, I wasn’t the smartest in the class, but I guarantee you, if I wasn’t the hardest, I was one of the hardest working ones in that class. I wanted to be the guy who was well rounded and I knew a lot about different areas and I could kind of bring those together and be a really comprehensive provider. And I went out and I spent several hundred hours in continuing education learning about orthodontics because I really liked it and it made me a better practitioner for knowing how to do it. I went and learned about sinus lifts and veneers and a bunch of more advanced things. Now, am I saying that I’m the best there ever was? No. But I sure did my best to try to make sure I was educated in different fields and do all I could do within my comfort zone.

I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to help people. I wanted people to respect me. I wanted to be able to have an occupation that I could provide for a family, and the utmost, I really wanted my parents to be proud of me.