Professor Helen Whelton welcomes new students to Leeds School of Dentistry

Professor Helen Whelton, Dean of the School of Dentistry at the University of Leeds, extends a warm welcome to all new students. Professor Whelton explains some of the learning experiences you will encounter, including early clinical experiences and the use of simulation technology. In this short film Professor Whelton also describes your first few weeks here, including the social opportunities and academic support.

TRANSCRIPT: 1. Hello, and welcome to the University of Leeds School of Dentistry. Congratulations on being offered a place to study with us here at Leeds. My name is Helen Whelton and I’m the Dean of dentistry here at the School. Thank you for choosing Leeds as your place to study. Leeds is a research intensive university and what that means to you is that during your time here, you will be tutored – educated – by leaders in the field of dental education, research and clinical dentistry. Our facilities are amongst the most modern in the UK. You will see outstanding laboratories, you’ll work in state of the art clinics and you’ll get to use our simulation technology, which is pioneering all over the world. Leeds is different to other universities, in that we bring you into clinics in your first year, that means you really know you’re studying dentistry from the get go. Before you do that, we let you work on the simulators, and you’ll get to develop your confidence in clinical treatment. I look forward to welcoming you all in person when you arrive in September, and during that first week we have a lot of great activities planned for you. You’ll be introduced to the staff, you’ll get to see the facilities, you’ll be entertained by students from our Dental Society (DentSoc) and you will be introduced to your personal tutor, who will be your academic go-to person for the duration of your studies here at Leeds. During induction, our representatives from DentSoc will tell you about the social life here at the dental school and they’ll also help you to meet other students by introducing you to people in your class and people in the five years ahead. When you arrive, don’t forget to look at what’s going on in the wider university, we have a lot of clubs and societies to cater for every taste and so I hope that you find something to suit your interests. Beyond the campus, just a stone’s throw from the university, we have the vibrant city centre of Leeds. Leeds is a wonderful city in which to be a student and I would encourage you to explore it during your time here. I wish you well in your transition to university life, may your studies be successful, and I hope that you will have an enjoyable and memorable experience during your time with us.