How I healed my teeth without dentistry.

I am not a doctor or dentist and this is not intended to make people avoid seeking professional help if they are in pain. If you think you need a dentist because half of your face is falling off then by all means go. This is just another perspective and route for healing.

This is not vegan friendly, it does require having meat / meat based products. I am not a vegan so I can’t really talk about how to go about it if you are. Everything I say is based on my own research and direct experiance.

2:50 What is tooth decay
4:18 Foods to avoid during healing
7:55 My experince healing my teeth

(9:35 What foods to include to start the healing process)
9:35 Green leafy vegetables+Organ meat
11:30 Raw Milk
13:50 Bone Broth
11:31 How I reversed my lactose intolerance
14:30 What to expect during the healing process
17:30 TL:DR Recap

Foods to quit if yo want to heal:
(Unsoaked) Nuts

Top 3 Teeth healing foods:
Raw Milk kefir
High quality organ meats
Bone broth