Holistic Dentistry | Lecture at UCSD | Paige Woods, DDS

Holistic Dentist, Dr. Paige Woods, DDS, Lecture at University of California San Diego


Intro: Good afternoon, everybody. Good morning, everybody. I’m really happy to see you here. Welcome to San Diego. I hope that you will have a very enlightened time here. And hopefully, we’ll get to answer a lot of your questions.

I wanted to introduce to you a very, very special person, who I’m very fond of on many levels. She’s a terrific human being. She is a very smart, charismatic, caring person, and an incredibly good dentist. So, please help me welcome Dr. Paige Woods.

Dr. Paige Woods: Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be here with you guys today. I’m a biological dentist in San Diego, and what makes it even more special to be here at UCSD talking to you guys about what I do.

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Holistic Dentistry – Lecture by Paige Woods, DDS at UCSD


More about Holistic Dentistry at Dr. Woods’ website: http://paigewoods.com
More about her San Diego dental practice: http://sandiegodentist.org