Guelph Children’s Dentistry

It has been our dream to create a dental clinic designed with the well-being and happiness of children in mind. Our vision means that every aspect of our office, from the reception room, play area and all the way to the back of the office, are created in a way to put a smile on your child’s face.

We treat children in a cheerful and fun environment that makes them comfortable and relaxed! Your children will look forward to visiting us in this completely child centered atmosphere. Our playroom features colorful artwork, toys, lego, trains, books, ipads and the latest videos played on our new state-of-the art High Definition big screen TV. Be sure to bring your child’s siblings to play in the play area during the appointment. Parents will relax with a cup of coffee in our Parent’s reception room, which is decorated in relaxing colors.

“We offer dental care awake or asleep”