Graduating Dentistry Class of 2014 (Cairo University Official Grad. Video) – صحتك بالدنيا

“Ever wonder what an ordinary college student like you has to go through to achieve a lifelong dream of being called a doctor? or in our case merely a dentist? Here’s a glimpse of the epic struggle our graduating class, the class of 2014, had to endure to reach their precious dreams.

We happily went through 5 years of ancient college rules, endless oral exams, hours with the good the bad and the ugly professors, and legendarily funny patient stories to tell our grandchildren. Or better yet !صحتك بالدنيا”

Thank you Asr El Aini for one hell of a journey, you sure will be missed!

The film was screened at the graduation ceremony at the Cairo University on the 5th of November 2015.