Getting Into Dental School | Choosing The Right University

Hey guys!

In this video I will be talking about how to choose the right university (UK). I have experienced both types of universities; lecture based vs. ‘modern’ teaching methods and city based vs. campus based, so thought I would offer some of my opinions.

DISCLAIMER: I am a bit biased lol

1) Your choice – teaching methods, location, clinical exposure etc.
(This may or may not help:

Found this useful tool to help you compare Dentistry universities:

2) Qualifications – which universities do you meet the requirements for, which are the most competitive to get in to?

Check out this thread about admission statistics:

Also, for each university you choose, consider the following questions when making list 2:
i) How many applicants were rejected pre interview?
ii) How many applicants were rejected post interview?
iii) How many were given an offer?
(You can find these answers online or from the university directly)
iv) Do I meet the UKCAT cut off?
v) Do my grades match or exceed what the university requires?

Let me know if you find this helpful and if there is anything specific you would like to see next! I will be making a video about UKCAT, Personal Statement, Work Experience and more..

For any questions or feedback you can comment below or message me