DIY Gum Health and Successful Self Dentistry Reverse cavities, avoid root canals, and bring receding gums back down – all without visiting the dentist! Holistic dental care expert Nadine Artemis reveals natural dentistry techniques for solving your toughest oral problems. Find out to use Living Libations Healthy Gum Drops and Yogi Tooth Serum to replace your toothpaste and achieve your healthiest mouth ever!


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Today, we have the gumdrops and the Yogi tooth serum here, and we’re just going to show everybody how to use these. There’s so many ways to use these, and the great thing is each, the gumdrops and the Yogi tooth serum, are so potent, filled with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral essential oils. They get right in the mouth, clean it. You will never need toothpaste again. You’ll get to see your dentist less and less, and a lot of people have had so much healing with the gumdrops and the tooth serum that they’ve been able to reverse cavities, they’ve been able to avoid root canals, and really bring receding gums back down. So, I’ll just show you a really simple way that you can bring these into your oral care, and have a really happy mouth.

So just take one drop or two onto your toothbrush, and you don’t even need to wet your toothbrush. It’s actually better, all the time, to work with a drier toothbrush, and that way you’re getting and feeling your tooth a bit more. So you can just do a straight brushing, like this, and always brush from the gum down, like this, this, this, like that, and you can also do, on the bottom row, just go like this, this, this. You’re always going up or down. One thing I love doing, too, is I just get a chunk of Himalayan rock salt and have the gumdrop on there. Give it one, couple scrubs, and then you’re got a really nice salt for the gums, and that really heals them as well. And then you’re just brushing again, grinding in those molars, going all around, so that’s how you use it on your toothbrush.

Then you can also use it on your tongue scraper, which you would then just take one drop, put it on there, slide it on, and then you can scrape your tongue. Another tool that you can use it on is the gum massager, and you would again take one drop, put on there. This is really good for receding gums and making the gums really resilient again. And you just go in between each tooth and around, like that. Get all the curves, inside the mouth, outside the mouth. Sorry, inside the gums. Then we have the Proxabrush. This is amazing. It’s like a tiny bottle brush that you can use on the back molars. So again, you pretty much just insert that into there, get a little on there, and then you do the back molars. And this is amazing, because the molars usually have bigger space. This really makes sure it’s clean, that all the plaque is out of there. I go like that, and I need to continue to do each one.

Those are some great tools that are available to you, but, of course, the flossing is one of the favorites for the gumdrops. Simply take a piece of the floss, and it’s great to use. We use the smart floss or the gentle floss. It’s best to avoid the waxes with the petroleum waxes on them and such. I just put a drop of gumdrops on the finger, and you just slide it along, do your whole thing. And then, of course, if you’re using Yogi tooth serum, you would do the same thing, and I’m just going to double flavors, you do that. This is a really neat formula, and this is a new formula that was inspired by David Wolf, and David Wolf, of course, loves keeping his teeth clean. And he’s done a lot of work with nanobacteria, and discovered that dental equipment isn’t properly cleaned with the autoclaving, so that we get these tiny bacterial particles on the dental equipment, which then, of course, gets spread to everybody’s mouths, all that kind of fun stuff.

Neem essential oil has a really strong miticide [SP], fungicide, and bactericide, so it actually kills those things on contact. So the Yogi tooth serum is another formula for variety. They’re both extremely effective, and you can use that the same way the gumdrops are used. And then you slide it into each tooth, when you’re flossing.

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