Dentistry Unveiled Episode 4: On being self aware, confident, women in dentistry, and leadership

Welcome to the fourth interview of the Dentistry Unveiled project. I’m very excited to seat down and talk to a friend, an incredible dentist, business owner and a woman with so much wisdom about business and life. Please welcome Dr. Neepa Modi

Here is a short bio of Dr. Modi:

Dr. Modi was raised in Port Huron, Michigan, where her family still lives today. Growing up, Dr. Modi excelled in school, as well as piano and competitive tennis. She went on to attend the University of Michigan, were she completed her undergraduate studies in 1999, majoring in Psychology and Biology. She then entered U. of Michigan’s Dental School, which is one of the most respected and highest ranked dental schools in the country.

After she graduated in 2003, Dr. Modi moved to Chicago and has made it her home ever since. She has worked for over 10 years in the Chicago area and is very passionate about this city. During her free time, Dr. Modi enjoys dining, traveling and new adventures. She’s also a big fan of yoga. Dr. Modi cares for each and every one of her patients. It is her utmost goal to provide them with the highest level of service. She feels each and every patient deserves high quality dentistry, regardless of insurance. Dr. Modi and her team value compassion and respect. They also take pride in utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry.

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This Episode is only 30 minutes long; therefore I highly encourage you to watch in full; however we still decided to provide you with timestamps:

[02:06] Question1: Let’s talk about your upbringings, anything that specifically attracted you as a kid?

[3:50] Question 2: Is there anything that your mentor taught you about dentistry?

[4:20] Question 3: How was the dental school? Did you ever have a thought of owning a practice while being a student?

[5:20] Question 4: Let’s talk about the lack of business education at the dental school? Should the schools adjust to the new reality?

[6:20] Question 5: Did you always plan to be a general dentist or did you have plans to pursue specialty?

[7:07] Question 6: After the dental school, did you take any time of? Did you travel?

[8:10] Question 7: What did you learn from taking 3 months off after finishing the dental school?

[8:40] Question 8: Where your passion for travel is coming from?

[11:30] Question 9: As a dentist usually being type A, how do you assemble a team and delegate? How do you travel during construction of your office?

[12:35] Question 10: Who comes to your mind first when you think about successful people?

[13:30] Question 11: Where do you get your leadership skill? Or it comes from within? What makes you unique?

[18:34] Question 12: What is the culture of Bridgeport Smiles? What makes it so unique?

[19:45] Question 13: What is your definition of Success?

[21:50] Question 14: How to find confidence?

[23:25] Questions 15: Failure and setbacks in life, how do you deal with it?

[24:25] Question 16: What advice would you give to dental student if you would seat down face to face?

[25:25] Question 16: Is self awareness important?

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