Dentistry Master Classes

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. Introducing to you – Dentistry Master Classes

The complete comprehensive case videos that you will interface with on this site ( are the equivalent of a super advanced dental school education.

Look forward to the comprehensive case videos with a new episode coming to you every week. Dr. Cutbirth will teach you how to do basic things really well, as well as master the fine points of complex dental techniques for esthetic restorative cases. Dr. Cutbirth will teach you how to treatment plan and restore ANY case, no matter how complex, that walks into your office: severe wear cases, replacing missing teeth in the esthetic zone, correcting crazy incisal and occlusal plane cases, lip placement and teeth length considerations, placement of root form and mini implants, fail safe endodontics, gingival grafting, how to increase vertical dimension in severely worn dentitions, the fine points of porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges so that the final result looks completely natural and hundreds more. Dr. Cutbirth has a never ending supply of incredible complex cases to share with you.

Dr. Cutbirth is a “Systems Teacher.” He will break down the most complex dental procedures into repeatable “bite size” components so that you can master and treatment plan every case and repeatedly perform excellent procedures on your patients.