Dentist finds guava sprout growing in man’s cavity; Toothache turns out to be cancer – Compilation

1. Feb 1, 2016 – A Taiwanese man who didn’t have the best oral hygiene ate some guava. His teeth started hurting a few days later, so he went to the dentist. Well, the dentist took a look inside this dude’s mouth, then he took an X-ray and decided he needed to pull out one of his patient’s wisdom teeth.

2. Feb 16, 2017 – A teenaged Indonesian girl from central Java has died after a trip to the dentist for a minor gum disorder revealed something much more serious: an aggressive cancer.

3. Apr 1, 2016 – A mother is mourning the death of her baby daughter, who died for as yet unknown reasons after a visit to a dentist in northwest Austin.

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Mar 23, 2015 – Fifeteen live maggots were removed from Ana Cardoso’s gums in Brazil. The 10-year-old had been complaining about ‘something’ moving around in her gums for days, but Ana’s mother Adriana did not think much of it. However, no matter how much Ana brushed her teeth, the wriggling sensation persisted.

5. Apr 15, 2016 – A Michigan woman passed away after she had 16 teeth removed in one go during a trip to the dentist to treat an infection.

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