Brix 3000 in Community Dentistry.

Brix 3000
The new enzymatic technology for atraumatic caries removal.

During the year 2017, Brix 3000 was present in different oral health campaigns, aimed at people with low resources or in a situation of poverty.

Thanks to its ease of use, safety and efficacy of Brix 3000, the caries of more than 4000 patients were removed. In some cases, patients with more than 5 caries were treated, removed without the use of anesthetics and without the drill.

Many of these patients were people with different types of diseases such as AIDS, skin cancer, children in a state of malnutrition, pregnant women, etc.

During the year 2018, Brix 3000 will be present in different community dentistry campaigns again in Latin America and in Africa, and also in Europe, Africa.