ASMR Your Annual Dental Checkup πŸ’– Dentist Office Visit

You have come today for your annual dentist exam and checkup πŸ™‚ This video features several different parts: general questions, x-ray, dentist exam, teeth brushing & flossing, and finally a jaw massage to relieve some temporomandibular joint pain.

0:00 – 16:20 ~ general dentist questions, teeth x-rays
16:21 – 34:08 ~ dentist exam and teeth cleaning
34:09 – 43:15 ~ brushing and flossing your teeth
43:16 – end ~ jaw massage with whispering

the type of mouth guard for TMJ pain ~
teeth vs candy poster ~
another funny poster by same company ~
damage-free poster strips (command) ~
microphones used (2 x at2035) ~

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