A Day at the Dentist

Animated by Jacob Kitts: http://youtube.com/jjkmovies **EXPAND PLEASE**

At the Ponyville dentistry, Colgate’s patience gets tested by her patients.

Additional voices:
Pinkie Pie – http://youtube.com/breefaithva
Derpy Hooves – http://youtube.com/emichwan88
Lyra Heartstrings – http://youtube.com/trponies
Berry Punch – http://youtube.com/alioopster27
Gamzee Makara – http://youtube.com/lucawesome

Music for wubs/credits: “How Far We’ve Come” by Art Attack & Silva Hound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqQfHUDx41Y

Pink Fluoride Dark Side of the Tooth vector image: