918 Dentistry in Bolivia with Dr. Liz Quiroz : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Born in La Paz- Bolivia, where she graduated as a General Dentist in 2010. Won a scholarship to study in the US, where she lived for more than 2 years, studying in Columbia University and New York University, taking as many courses as she could afford. Previous to her trip, had 3 jobs (as a Dentist and English Teacher) in order to afford her trip. Returned to Bolivia and got an Internship to study Oral Maxillo Facial surgery at the Hospital de Clinicas de La Paz. After that, she took an international Cleft Lip and Palate Course with Dr. Brian Sommerlad. Currently, she is taking an International Master’s Degree in Pediatric Dentistry and she is Working as a General Dentist in a Non-Governmental Organization. She is also a proud soccer Mom of a three year old boy.