842 Integrated Dental Marketing with Mr. Carl Burroughs : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Carl is a true ‘serial entrepreneur’, he started making money serving in his parents shop at the age of 8, he bought his first house at the age of 17. He was fundamental in the success of the very first combined Legal and Real Estate business in the UK, taking a 60% market share of all property listings in his home city of York. In 1993 he emigrated to Australia and stated the telecommunications retail chain, Communique, building this to 26 locations and an annual revenue of over m within five years. And in 2000 he bought a Sydney based marketing company, which formed the foundation of his current company Integrated Dental Marketing.

In 2001 Dr Derek Mahoney asked Carl to speak at an Orthodontic Conference in
Sydney, which was his first introduction to the profession of dentistry. Since this time Carl has built the first and largest advertising agency in Australia dedicated to the
Dental profession (IDM), he started the first dedicated dental patient finance plan (SmileCard), he was the co-founder of the dental group Dental Partners (now known as Maven) and has created hundreds of new dental brands across the country for his

More recently Carl started the Marketing Dentistry Institute, bringing speakers to
Australia such as Dr Bill Dorfman, Dr Mark Costes, Dr Michael Abernathy and the
incomparable Dr Howard Farran.

Carl also owns two dental practices himself were ‘he practices what he preaches’
growing the first practice he bought by over 220% in the first 15 months of ownership.

He is married to his beautiful wife Angelica and together they have their 10 year old daughter Grace. Any down time is spent motorcycling and he recently came back from a month motorcycling around Nepal.