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For almost a decade, Dr. Sanda Moldovan has lectured at the UCLA School of Dentistry, teaching other dentists how to perform optimum implant surgery. In 2006, she became interested in helping her patients heal better through natural techniques, such as diet, supplements, water, and bio-energetic devices. Dr. Sanda received her nutritional certification through The Certification Board of Nutrition Specialists 3 years ago.

As a certified nutritionist and periodontist, Dr. Sanda educates her patients that the mouth is a gateway to their health. Her new book, Heal UP! comes out in July. She practices in both Beverly Hills and Manhattan, NY, using minimally invasive oral surgery techniques and integrative nutrition.

Dr. Sanda is a frequent contributor to national television shows, such as The Doctors on CBS, NBC News, radio, podcasts, and she is quoted in numerous publications and blogs. She is a contributor to Huffington Post and Inside Dentistry.