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Dr Michael Pilon grew up in a suburb of Montreal. He is fluently bilingual in French and English. He is a graduate of Loyola of Montreal with a Cum Laude BSc in chemistry / biology. He attended McGill dental school and joined the Royal Canadian Dental Corps and had a subsidized education. He did a post graduate in Public Health at the University of Toronto . He served for 23 year in 8 provinces, as a single person till his mid 30’s he was often the easy person to move. He also served on UN Peacekeeping duty in Cyprus and in a moment of weakness he volunteered for a 3 week Paratrooper course with the Canadian Airborne regiment and proudly earned his wings.

In dental school he discovered that he could take standby flights to Canada’s NATO bases and he visited Europe 8 times for a cost of only per flight. His web site www.40countries.com outlines some of his travels which included 45000 km or 25000 miles hitch hiking in 20 of the 40 countries he visited. Dr Pilon entered private practice in Ottawa, which is a wonderful family and cultural city.