707 Dental Compliance Specialists with Duane Tinker : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Duane Tinker is a former law enforcement officer/investigator for the Texas Dental Board. He investigated dentists for issues ranging from patient complaints to insurance/Medicaid fraud, drug diversion and even infection control problems. It is his experience that most dentists and their staff strive to do what is right when they know what ‘right’ is. He quickly recognized a huge gap between what dentists know versus what dentists should know. He decided to become an ally for the dental community. Present day, Tink is the President & CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists. His company provides audit, inspection and training services to help make dental offices safer for dentists, patients and staff. When he’s not busy working with dentists and their staff you will likely find him Scuba diving in Belize.