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Dr. Whitehouse graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School in 1970. He was an Air Force dentist in Okinawa for two years, practiced in his home town of Peoria, Illinois for one year and moved into a practice in California as an associate in 1973. He opened his own practice by buying out a large practice for the patients, and subsequently, two other practices bringing the patients into his practice. Dr Whitehouse obtained a Masters In Counseling from the University of California to enable him to help fearful/apprehensive patients.
He became a co-founder of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and had one of twelve Experdent learning centers in the US/Canada. He then entered into the high tech portion of his practice around 2000 with Cerec, digital x-ray, four lasers, had an intra-oral camera from 1990.

Dr Whitehouse has authored approximately twenty articles for Dentistry Today, Compendium, and the Profitable Dentist.
In 2005 he set up a dental clinic at a Mayan village in Guatemala and recently at a Salvation Army facility in Oakland. He sold his practice January 2015 and now volunteers his services.