696 Building an Awesome Website with Jeff Gladnick : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

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How and Why Great Dental Websites Came to Exist:“In 1999, my father, Dr. Mark Gladnick, asked me whether he needed to put his practice on “The Internet.” We launched his first dental website a month or two later, and it worked well for a long time.
But by late 2007, my dad’s dental website was looking outdated. Since I had moved on with my career (working as a Sr. Software Engineer for various Internet companies in the San Francisco Bay area), my dad began reaching out to some of the established dental marketing companies for bids on what it would cost to update his website.”

The Inspiration…
“When my dad called me to see if these bids were reasonable, I was rather shocked at the pricing he was being quoted. It seemed outrageous to receive quotes approaching k for just a website – and this wasn’t even taking SEO or PPC marketing into account!
I decided to rebuild his website for free out of a sense of familial obligation, although what I thought would be a nice favor for my Dad was about to become a bigger project.”