468 Holistic Dentistry with Stewart Wright : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Stewart Wright BDS offers dental care and treatment of the highest quality using conventional and holistic approaches.

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Holistic is a Greek word meaning ‘relating to the whole’. Stewart believes that the successful diagnosis and treatment of the teeth and their supporting structures requires a wider consideration of the health, well-being, and environment of the patient. As a result, in addition to using the techniques used by conventional dentists to assess and treat patients, Stewart may use a number of additional techniques to aid diagnosis and treatment (for example, kinesiology and homeopathy). He is also careful not to use any dental materials which could have toxic side effects, such as mercury based amalgam (silver) fillings. Information about the potential dangers of amalgam fillings can be found on his webiste.

For patients who think they may have symptoms and health problems related to the accumulation in their body of toxins such as heavy metals, toxic chemicals and antibiotic residues, Stewart can assess and treat them with Field Control Therapy.

Stewart also specializes in the assessment and treatment of patients who suffer from pain in the jaw, neck, head, and face. Such pain often originates in dental and/or jaw problems which can be successfully treated. You can read more about head, neck and jaw problems and their solutions on the ‘Dental Problems’ pages of his website.